A Famous Brother

One of Paul’s purposes in writing 2 Corinthians was to help those brethren prepare the contribution they had promised for the needy saints in Judea. Toward that end he sent Titus to assist them further. Along with Titus, Paul also sent “the brother whose fame in the things of the gospel has spread throughout the churches” (2 Cor. 8:18).

A famous brother. Many think it was Luke. He certainly fits all the criteria of this text and the accompanying history in Acts. Whoever it was, it was to his credit that his fame was in the gospel: his knowledge of it, his work in it, etc.

In our day we still have brethren who are highly regarded for their Bible knowledge. Others have a broad reputation for generosity. Still others are known for hospitality.

On the other hand, a few brethren are famous for other things. Some are known mostly for contentiousness; trouble seems to follow wherever they go. Some have reputations as hobby-riders; they seem to be all about one pet subject. Some are reputed for their conceit or self-will. Others have strong reputations for being weak when it comes to taking a stand on issues.

Few of us are known by brethren far and wide, but we are known at home. In whatever sphere it is, if a brother observed that you were famous for something, what would it be?