Malchus’ Ear

Christians are often disappointed and discouraged when they fail to convince their unbelieving friends and relatives to accept the truth from the Scriptures. They ask questions like: “How can they ignore the evidence?” and “It’s so obvious, why can’t they see it?” These are good questions. We understand your frustration. We agree – it is not logical for people to ignore the abundance of available proof.

Do you recall the occasion when Judas brought a band of armed men to arrest Jesus?  Peter, thinking to defend Him with force, drew out his sword. Each of the gospel writers describe him cutting off the ear of Malchus, a servant of the high priest. Jesus rebuked Peter, and Luke tells us that He proceeded to heal the severed ear (Luke 22:51). Think about that a minute! In the presence of this mob of angry conspirators Jesus worked a miracle. They saw it! Yet still they pro­ceeded to participate in the events that led to the unjust murder of God’s own Son.

We remind you of this simply to illus­trate that prejudiced men have always ignored evidence that contradicts their predetermined positions. If the Scribes and Pharisees could see the many miracles of Jesus and still call for his crucifixion, we should not be too surprised when men today reject the plain truths of God’s word.

But, there is another, more positive les­son to be learned here. Jesus said in John 10:18, “No man taketh (my life) from me but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again.” In healing Malchus’ ear, Jesus proved His point. By working that miracle He showed that He had unlimited power to save His own life, but He refused to use it. He died willingly for our sins. What a Savior!